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Cradle My Heart Radio advances the cause of life by preventing abortions through helping women make a better choice. And we are a safe space for healing the pain of child loss through abortion, which has impacted millions of women and men in America.

Kim Ketola

Kim Ketola, host of Cradle My Heart Radio

Connecting you to effective outreach efforts and feature interviews spotlighting those offering help, as we talk with listeners like you, we are saving lives and healing hearts after abortion. And our live format gives us a chance to listen to you!

As your host, I am a seasoned broadcast veteran, but more importantly, I have experienced the healing love of Jesus Christ after an abortion in my own life (as told in Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion). I’m also trained in applied bioethics and peer counseling. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Ministry and served nearly fifteen years in Christian post-abortion ministry, I’m here to help you experience true hope.

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Call in live Sundays to Cradle My Heart Radio at 1-800-811-3003 during our open phones from 9:30-10 pm ET Sundays on our Faith Radio affilitates. Send a question by email to before air time. Please let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous or receive an answer off-the-air. Listen on your phone via tunein here, or podcast on iTunes and archived here.

PLEASE NOTE For all callers: Your private information will remain private. If you also don’t want to be identified by your voice when calling in live or leaving a message, please just let us know. We understand and work hard to guard your privacy. You can also get in touch by sending your question or comment via email to kim at or twitter @kimketola. Same rules apply. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Join the Conversation ~ Call 1-800-811-3003 live and/or 24/7 to leave a message for the show


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  2. Is there a podcast or a way to listen to Gwen’s session about her experience? Thank you!!

    1. Hi Vivian,

      The page has now been updated with the podcast, or you can find it on the Media page in the top menu bar. I’d love to hear your feedback after you have a chance to listen!

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  5. I am not able to listen to the broadcast 😦 But please tell Christine that the 40 Days of :Prayer have really touched me deeply, as a post abortive sibling and friend of many abortion minded/post abortive

    1. Will do! You are in our prayers–your leadership and your heart are an inspiration.

      1. thank you so much! by God’s mercy I caught the last 15 minutes, and was so touched by the prayers! Wow! It was especially approrpriate to hear the prayer for those struggling to forgive. that was me. I am doing better now, praise God. How sad to hear of Christine’s friend and her and her mom’s reaction to the abortion. They have my prayers, as I was that way for years.
        I do wanna call in one of these days, but glad I can leave a message for you online.
        One last thing: is there a letter or something I can send to the local stations to have them air Cradle My Heart?
        God bless you, Kim! ❤ You've done so much to help us and so many others!

  6. Jessica Long · · Reply

    Thank you for all you do.

    1. Glad to know you’re listening! Please call in and join the conversation tonight.

  7. Michelle · · Reply

    Please pray for me and my family. We are going through tremendous changes where my nephew is refusing to speak with my niece. My sister needs prayers for her family to be restored. I am suffering with Graves disease and arthritis and need prayers for my complete healing.Please pray that my financial well being will be substantially improved in Jesus name. My daughters need prayer to learn how to love one another and find love with who God sends them. Thank you for praying for family.

    1. Lord, I do pray for all of these requests. And I ask that others reading this will also join in lifting up Michelle and her family to You. Amen.

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  10. Nora Richardson · · Reply

    Was trying to connect with someone after the program ended to make a comment about my first encounter visually with a presentation of the fetus being forced out of the womb using the ultrasound instrument in an abortion procedure. The poor baby in its unborn state was trying to resist this process! I was horrified and depressed for days! Thankfully, the Holy Spirit comforted my heart after my being depressed for a long period of time over what I have seen. I was a new christian and wondered how many christian women were having abortions and how many times this process was being
    used to abort the unborn baby! This is Pentecost Sunday and was blessed seeing infants and children being prayed over to fulfill their destinies and also thinking about the children who “thronged” to Jesus and parents being bringing their children to Jesus! Could you please send me a copy of the DVD by Sherry Richard? I would greatly appreciate it! God bless you!

    1. Thank you for your message here and for listening to Cradle My Heart Radio. Did you see Silent Scream? That is the most famous use of ultrasound to illustrate the reality of how abortion harms a child before taking his or her life, and I agree it is disturbing in the extreme.

      I would be happy to provide the Shari Richard DVD if you will email me your mailing address. Please contact me at kim @

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