Ultrasound evidence speaks for itself

Ultrasound pioneer Shari Richard on Cradle My Heart Radio week of May 15

Shari Richard

Shari Richard

These days it’s hard to imagine the world of pregnancy and mamas without ultrasound. The grainy images serve as birth announcements and early bonding opportunities for couples, especially dads, staring endlessly at their tiny heart-shaped images.

But women less than a generation ago didn’t always have these tokens and talismans. And as a result many women missed the truth of knowing that pregnancy = a new life, however small and undeveloped.

Shari Richard says, “I was pro-choice once because I wasn’t educated about the issues.”

She mentions this by way of saying that her approach to preventing abortion is not judgmental. Nor is it theoretical. She knows the damage abortion does firsthand, and she knows that what she needed was factual information about the truth and the reality of the life of her developing children–the type of information readily seen through an ultrasound image.

When she began to study to become a registered diagnostic medical sonographer in the 1980’s, Shari understood she would be in the vanguard of those who could see and thus know the truth about life before birth.

Her path to ultrasonography soon included testifying before Congress in 1990.

In the ensuing years Richards has operated above the political fray, spending decades using her talents to help people see the humanity of unborn human life. But she never forgot the experience of being censored while attempting to let the evidence speak for itself–in a universal language that touches both heart and soul.

Please join us on Cradle My Heart Radio for Shari Richard. Her story will inspire you and help you be a more confident defender of unborn life.

From her bio:

Shari Richard, R.D.M.S Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, is an Obstetrical Ultrasound Expert and Educator whose medical experience spans 40 years. In 1990 she founded Sound Wave Images through which she produced the videos “Ultrasound: A Window to the Womb & Eyewitness to the Earliest Days of Life.” Her 2-D ultrasound footage has educated millions on prenatal development as over 750,000 copies have been distributed, broadcast and translated “world wide.” Her recent release of contains the new digital 3-D and 4-D ultrasound images and is now available for all languages in her 2014 release of Eyewitness 2 “The Window to the Heart” the 5 minute subtitle version for fairs, waiting rooms, counseling, apps…whatever technology. Her footage is internationally known as “the best” and has been viewed on commercial ads and in numerous national television shows. Shari has appeared on national radio, television, and has lectured in schools, pregnancy centers and medical groups. In 1992 Shari founded The Imaging Network Diagnostic Ultrasound Program where she pioneered and started the first medical ultrasound clinics for SE Michigan Pregnancy Centers. She has now implemented her success nationwide by providing ultrasound training for the medical staff of pregnancy centers. As a result of Shari’s personal grief of abortion, she has committed her life to share God’s grace and love to change and heal hearts. She lives in West Bloomfield, Michigan and has three sons.

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