Choosing life when love hurts

Should states mandate that providers let families know about perinatal hospice? Join us tonight on Cradle My Heart Radio

prixel creative @ lightstock

prixel creative @ lightstock

Ours is not the first generation to confront a dire diagnosis in a pregnancy.

But tech advances now exert earlier and more powerful pressure on couples to abort.

The perinatal hospice movement offers an alternative, providing hospice nurses and social workers to help families prepare for loss. They coach caring conversations with siblings and co-workers. They are available 24/7 and provide connections with counseling and other resources to ease the strain of grief.

The Washington Post outlined the benefits of such support here:

They teach mothers how to deliver painkillers to a dying infant, should the baby live long enough to go home. They can suggest and facilitate memorials such as photographs, hand prints and even recordings of baby’s first cry and heartbeat. Families can invite a religious leader into the delivery room. They mold their infant’s footprints in clay. They sing lullabies, and prepare bubble baths and hire a photographer.

Cradle My Heart Radio featured the story of Isaiah’s Promise modeling families facing such sadness with a strong and supported faith. Women express the beauty found in loving and accepting the child God has given, no matter how short their lives may be. We also learned that a doctor saying pregnancy is “incompatible with life” is a judgment, not a diagnosis; and this judgment exerts enormous pressure to abort.

Many states are now mandating information about perinatal hospice as part of informed consent. Indiana’s law, which takes effect in July, has created pushback from those who charge anti-abortion activism motivates advancing perinatal hospice.

A petition to stop the law, created by a group called Indy Feminists, raised concern the state-mandated counseling would pressure grieving parents toward a particular course.

And although Indiana Governor Mike Pence supports the law, he is being asked by physicians to re-consider:

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a national group of roughly 30,000 physicians, meanwhile, released a statement condemning the move, urging Pence to keep medical discussions between patient and doctor.

What do you think? Seeing a pregnancy through is about love and trust. This is not to say that those who chose abortion are unloving or lacking faith. I chose abortion for much less pressing reasons. But love and trust sometimes take great courage. And it’s that courage that so inspires us to greater love and trust too.

Should states mandate that providers let families know about perinatal hospice?

If providers are required to mention perinatal hospice, would that likely pressure a woman to carry to birth rather than choosing to abort?

Learn more at Perinatal Hospice, including links to articles like A Doctor’s Moving Letter to any Parent Who’s Ever Lost a Baby.

Let’s talk about this. Leave a comment below or join us for the live broadcast and online streaming tonight April 24.

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