Happy Easter!

Cradle My Heart Radio wishes you a blessed and happy Easter Sunday

Image by Pearl @ lightstock

Image by Pearl @ lightstock

One of my favorite faith exercises is to place myself inside a familiar story in the Scriptures to imagine my reaction had I been there as events unfolded in real time. And one of my favorite such scenes to contemplate is somehow seeing Jesus emerge from the tomb.

I had the privilege to visit the Garden Tomb just outside Jerusalem about ten years ago. Everyone, but everyone in our group took the opportunity to step inside. What we found was a small and empty space.

Historians agree that it cannot be known with certainty the exact burial ground of our Lord.

And, as with all Bible history, there is controversy about exact location. But this presentation offers a fair discussion of the value of what we can learn from the Garden Tomb locale, even if it is not the precise place of His burial.

The door of entrance says what is essential: “He is not here, for He is risen.” This is most certainly true. He rose for me, and he rose for you to break forever the power of sin. We are forgiven. He has purchased our peace with God. Hallelujah!

Cradle My Heart Radio tonight revisits a conversation that helps make the reality of our forgiveness more active and helpful in our lives. Jessica Crolley Slovensky is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 20 years experience in the mental health and addictions field. She has shared her experience of counseling post abortive individuals with PATH (Post Abortion Treatment and Healing) in the book Sharing the Heart of Christ by Kevin Burke, co-director of Rachel’s Vineyard Ministry. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Charleston Southern University (formerly Baptist College of Charleston) and a Master of Education Degree in Counseling from The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. She is a member of the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).

PLEASE NOTE: Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion provides affirmation and hope after abortion from the Scriptures. Here are more resources for help and healing. If you are pregnant and need free, confidential help call 1-800-712-HELP. If you’ve had an abortion and need immediate help call 1-866-482-LIFE.

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