Why Am I Pro-Life? Because Jesus was a Zygote

 Here’s the logic of being prolife from the life of Jesus

Web MD From Egg to Embryo slideshow

It takes about 24 hours for a sperm cell to fertilize an egg. When the sperm penetrates the egg, the surface of the egg changes so that no other sperm can enter. At the moment of fertilization, the baby’s genetic makeup is complete, including whether it’s a boy or girl. Web MD From Egg to Embryo

Why am I pro-life? Because Jesus was a zygote.

It can be difficult to grasp that an organism no bigger than a dot is a human being deserving of dignity and protection.

But if we wouldn’t suggest killing toddlers as a way to solve a woman’s problems, we simply cannot justify killing an embryo or fetus before birth either. If the reasons aren’t obvious, here’s why: Scott Klusendorf and Stephen Schwarz note that the growing embryo is different from the infant who will emerge in only 4 significant ways (known as the SLED test).

The four differences are size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency.

Size doesn’t determine value since we don’t confer more rights to men who are generally larger than women; level of development cannot determine value either, or else every teenager would get their wish–older children would be worth more than younger siblings; environment can’t grant value by virtue of being in the womb or out—where you are doesn’t determine who or what you are; and degree of dependency isn’t relevant either because those who depend on life-saving medication or treatments like dialysis have an equal right to life as those who do not.

Someday prenatal photography may become refined enough to capture your image as ultrasound may have before your birth. If so, we could look at such a photo and say, “There you are!” For you retain your identity from conception through your entire life cycle.

Reverend Dr. James Lamb, Executive Director of National Lutherans for Life teaches that Jesus became a zygote, before developing as an embryo, a fetus, a child, and a man for our sake. Therefore we must conclude that He values life at its earliest stage—and so should we.

This video is from a TED and an article from the Huffington Post by Alexander Tsiaras, who worked as an associate professor of Medicine at Yale University, narrating his findings on fetal development. Perhaps because he works in a secular, liberal environment he cannot bring himself to say unequivocally, “It is divinity” or to ascribe humantiy to the youngest embryo even as he is giving us the dialogue, “I’m here to stay . . .” Yet his images speak for themselves. If only we will listen.

Whether or not

PLEASE NOTE: If you have already had an abortion, please know that I wrote Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion just for you. Throughout its pages you will find affirmation and hope from the Scriptures. You may also browse a list of resources for help and healing. The Good News is that you are forgiven in Jesus’ Name and you will be welcomed into fellowship as you seek your restoration.

If you are pregnant and need free, confidential help call 1-800-712-HELP. If you’ve had an abortion and need help call 1-866-482-LIFE.

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