Jimmy Carter, gay marriage weakens legal abortion, abortion ransom hoax

Let’s talk about abortion in the news this week

Kim Ketola

Kim Ketola

Here’s my take on another weird week for abortion in the news.

Three stories illustrate how shifting standards drive us back to the truth.

First, we have former President Jimmy Carter declaring that he believes Jesus would support abortion in cases of rape and incest (as well as cases to save the mother’s life).

He was being interviewed by Huffington Post on his new memoir, A Full Life: Reflections at Ninety. When questioned about gay marriage, he said he has “no problem” with it. Then he interjected that he does have a problem with abortion. I give him credit for jumping in with that, knowing controversy is sure to ensue. But he said words to the effect that he believe Jesus would not approve of abortion unless it was a case of rape, etc.

It’s disappointing that the former president cannot extend his grace to victims of crimes, nor can he imagine Jesus doing so. When people talk about rape and incest they are generally expressing protection and compassion for those victims. Many people find it hard to deny them a legal remedy. But if we’re talking about Jesus, not the law, it becomes a different discussion.

Abortion is not grace, it is grisly. And in the cases of rape and incest it punishes the second victim. I’m praying Carter’s heart will change, and that he will know the heart of Jesus more clearly on this issue. Women who are victims of rape and incest need the state to avenge them through prosecuting the criminals who harmed them. Women who are victims need care and compassion from the rest of us–and support to see through a pregnancy that will, perhaps make them suffer for doing the good toward their unborn children.

Speaking of gay marriage, some pundits now believe gay marriage equality could be the key to ending abortion rights. Francis Wilkinson, writing for Bloomberg News claims that the dignity accorded to persons who identify as homosexual is the basis for granting them marriage rights. Such claim to dignity could extend to other people groups, and ultimately recognize the unborn as full human beings worthy of protection from abortion.

In his dissent on Obergefell v Hodges, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said, “If same-sex marriage, then polygamy.” His message was a warning about redefining the institution, but it is Justice Kennedy’s opinion about individuals that pertains to weakening abortion rights, especially this:

Kennedy rightly insists that to analyze the same-sex marriage question adequately we must appreciate the overlapping and mutually reinforcing claims of liberty and equality under the Constitution, along with the fact that these have never been understood as static guarantees. Their meaning unfolds as we learn more about the various forms that human flourishing can take in conditions of well-ordered equal liberty. (Stephen Macedo, writing for slate.com)

We absolutely know more about the various forms of human flourishing within the wombs of pregnant women than we did in the days before ultrasound and DNA! So if “human flourishing” is a basis for granting rights, what is to prevent giving the unborn the right to be born?

What say you?

Finally, the abortion ransom story turned out to be a hoax.

The stunt was a bit of a yawn from the beginning–a pregnant woman says she will abort if she doesn’t raise $1M from pro-lifers. Um, what? If you really want to raise a million why would you limit who could give? And as to making prolifers look uncaring it still falls flat.

If I am unable or unwilling to pay a stranger’s ransom, am I complicit in his or her death? It doesn’t resonate with the average person–we have way too much on our minds today, like what’s for dinner and can I make it home without stopping for gas? It proves nothing about the sincerity and ardor of prolifers to save and protect the unborn. The reality is that millions of private dollars, not tax monies, in services and support are already going to help pregnant women every day through the pregnancy help movement. There’s even an org, Save Unborn Life that will grant women $3000 cash simply for agreeing to see a pregnancy through.

So, yeah. No.

Let’s talk about this.

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