Banning abortion at 20 weeks; ab-ed vs sex-ed; and abortion mental health risks

Let’s talk about some abortion in the news this week

istockphoto @ Aliaksei Shulha

istockphoto @ Aliaksei Shulha

HR36 passed this week as the House of Representatives voted in favor of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. The measure would outlaw abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy when scientific evidence indicates the unborn child is capable of feeling pain due to abortion methods.

Charles Camosy writing for The Atlantic notes that most Americans are in favor of the measure, but it probably will not make it through the Senate vote and President Obama has promised/threatened to veto the measure. Is the gridlock purely political since most voters are already decided on the issue?

Meanwhile, abstinence education could eliminate the need for abortion, yet it remains controversial. The editors at Huffington Post presented a sloppy headline implying that abstinence education was ruled un-educational, when the ruling was limited to as a single curriculum that didn’t meet state standards in California. There are programs that DO meet state standards, and which have been proven effective at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases while also lifting graduation rates where they’ve been in place over time. This one shouldn’t be controversial. At. All. Shame on HuffPo for a misleading headline that amounts to a true disservice to readers.

Finally, it was disappointing to see the Christian Post give platform to David Grimes for his pro-abortion propaganda regarding abortion and mental health. If you are struggling with painful emotions there are mental health professionals who are trained and willing to accept your pain. Here’s a good place to start in finding care from professionals who will help you heal rather than dismiss your many hurts.

If you’re searching for the truth on these controversies–join us and let’s discuss! Please leave a comment here.

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