Abstinence as a matter of the heart

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Camille Cates on May 4

[UPDATE: Podcast posted 5-5-14]

Coming up next time on Cradle My Heart Radio we’ll talk about teen relationships as a heart issue.

Camille Cates

Camille Cates

Camille Cates is a pastor’s wife and youth ministry leader now serving as Youth Director of Healing Hearts Ministries International. Camille has overcome the fatal mistakes she made in teen relationships so that she is now sharing wisdom with young women on how to live a different way. Camille’s story is dramatic and filled with hope. She characterizes her issues as heart struggles and addresses each one through the power of God’s love and the truth of Scripture. Recognizing the heart needs of young women helps address the how and why of practicing sexual integrity.

We’ll discuss Camille’s  Bible study for young women called First Love: Embracing a Love that Lasts, a discipleship resource for parents and youth leaders for one-on-one or small group use with teens and young adults.

From Camille’s bio:

Camille Cates is a veteran of youth ministry. She served alongside her husband in full-time youth ministry for 15 years, two of which were overseas with non-American students. From 2009-2013, she has taught abstinence education in the public school system as well as Parent Programs. She has been a lay-counselor with Healing Hearts Ministries International ministering to women for over a decade.

Join us for hope and encouragement with our guest Camille Cates on Cradle My Heart Radio May 4 at 9 p ET/8p CT

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  1. Sounds great — will make sure my daughter and I listen to it!

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