Teaching our children good grief

Cradle My Heart Radio will feature helps for children in grief on April 27

[UPDATE: podcast posted 5-5-14]

Heaven is in the headlines lately–thanks to the faith of a child.

Children of the World © Greg Olsen

Children of the World © Greg Olsen

If you’ve seen the film adaptation of the blockbuster bestseller Heaven is for Real, I’d love to discuss your reaction. The book and film tell the story of a boy who died during surgery, visited heaven and returned to share what he experienced. Some reviewers have objected to the message as being extra-biblical. Others, notable Randy Alcorn are a bit more generous.

But the film also raises some tough questions for all of us–and questions which may one day press in and require us to answer for the sake of our kids.

Grief is tough for everyone.

As we face painful and confusing emotions after the death of someone we love, we struggle with the deepest questions of our faith. And if we share our grief with children it becomes even more important that we face these questions head on.

  • Why do people have to die?
  • Is God punishing us or punishing the one who died?
  • Will I ever see the one who died?
  • What is the real truth about heaven?

Answering these questions in a way that makes sense to children can seem difficult at best. Even beyond helping children with their grief, teaching about heaven as their heritage is something each of us can do as parents or caring adults in the lives of children.

Have you walked through the death of a loved one with a child who needed your comfort and help to grieve? Your voice is needed as we share ideas for how to comfort a child in grief. Plan now to join us at 800-811-3003.

Join us for hope and encouragement on Cradle My Heart Radio April 27 at 9 pm ET.


  1. Praying I can listen in. As one who lost my dad as a 10 year old, and my brother just months later in an abortion (though I found out when I was older) this is a subject close to my heart.

    1. I hope you can listen too! We need the benefit of your experience. I’m so blessed that you are willing to share.

      1. I will be coming home from mass at the beginning, but will try the catch the rest of it. Thanks for your kind words and support 🙂

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