Resolved: to help end abortion in 2014

Cradle My Heart Radio helping make your voice heard

I want to take time out this Sunday night on Cradle My Heart Radio to talk about ways we can work together helping to make abortion unthinkable.

Photo credit: Lauren (lightstock)

Photo credit: Lauren (lightstock)

January marks the 41st anniversary of the legalization of abortion in the US, and thus it’s also the time of year when many churches will offer Sanctity of Human Life Sunday services. Right to Life groups will stage marches, and post-abortion outreach efforts will engage in the public square to think about the consequences of the abortion choice.

There’s a wonderful printable flyer from Heartbeat International to help you be sensitive and confident when speaking with others about abortion and defending life. Their action steps include prayer, knowing the helpline 800-712-HELP to offer tangible support, listening in love, and seasoning conversation with sensitivity to the desperation women and couples may be facing.

Here are some ideas from a great list of ways to be prolife from Live Action:

  • Educate yourself. Know the facts about fetal development, abortion procedures and stats, etc.
  • Be political. It’s your right and responsibility.
  • Participate in 40 Days for Life. You can pray anywhere.
  • Spend one day a month at your local abortion clinic. Train to be a sidewalk counselor.
  • Support your local pregnancy help center. Volunteer, give, pray.
  • Speak out. If not in person, then try online postings as a way to let others know your story.
  • Attend the March for Life or other pro-life rallies. If you’ve never done this, we’ll have a preview of the upcoming Georgia event so you’ll know what to expect.

Selfishly, I would add one more:

  • Listen and call in each week to Cradle My Heart Radio! Check the Podcast page for great programs you may have missed.

Let’s talk about this. We’ll share some powerful resources to help you, including a giveaway copy of the movie 180. It’s been viewed over 4 million times on youtube and you can have a copy of the DVD to share at your church or campus. Together we can be the light.

Join us Sunday January 12th at 9 pm ET for Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola

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