God Allows U-Turns ~ Allison Bottke

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Allison Bottke on November 10

Allison Bottke

Allison Bottke

[UPDATE 11-15-13 podcast posted]

Allison Bottke is a force of nature.

With enough energy and verve to sustain a prolific career as a writer and speaker, she’s also a founder of a support group network and more. Oh, she’s also been a professional model. Yet her story is so inspiring and encouraging because Allison’s early life–unstable and difficult–was marked by adversity and loss which threatened her very survival.

I first heard the short version of Alison’s story through a simple tract titled God Allows U-Turns. A few sentences there convey in vivid detail the abusive marriage that left her wondering about whether and how God could be a good and loving presence in her life. The answers Allison found back then continue to encourage and equip people today to follow God in faith toward a better life.

Allison’s newest book Setting Boundaries for Women has great applications for women like me who felt pressured to abort, and for women who repeatedly choose abortion because they found it difficult to make better choices which may have prevented unintended pregnancy in the first place. I’ve often wondered if the weak character led to the abortion or flowed from it. Either way, strengthening our sense of self and differentiating our needs from the needs of others can only lead to healthier relationships all the way around.

From her bio:

Allison is the author of over 23 non-fiction and fiction books, Allison Bottke is the general editor of the popular God Allows U–Turns® series, and the God Answers Prayer series. She writes a monthly column for baby boomers on Christian Women Online (CWO) as well as several other publications. Allison is in frequent demand as a speaker and has been featured on The 700 Club, Decision Today, and numerous other radio and television programs.

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Please join us for practical wisdom from Allison Bottke on Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola on November 10 at 9 pm ET

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