After abortion: are you forgiven and free?

Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola welcomes Linda Cochrane October 27

Linda Cochrane

Linda Cochrane

Join us this week for Cradle My Heart Radio with an encore presentation of our visit with Linda Cochrane discussing her ground-breaking Bible study Forgiven and Set Free.

Linda wrote the study in 1986 when in need of resources for her own healing after abortion. She went on to create a companion study for men. Since then, over 13,000 women and men have complete one of these studies annually–an ongoing accomplishment for the past seventeen years.

Linda is a registered nurse specializing in psychiatric and public health nursing, now serving as the National Consultant on Post-Abortion Recovery at Care Net and the Executive Director of the Hopeline Pregnancy Center in Danbury, Connecticut.

We’ll return live on November 3 with Leslee Unruh founder of Alpha Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and many other outreach efforts to both prevent unintended pregnancy and to help those who need support to make the right choice.

Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola brings you great guests and timely topics each week to help you on the journey to healing after abortion. Tune in Sunday evenings at 9 pm ET for the live broadcast and online streaming or listen to the podcast anytime.

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