Kim Ketola to MN Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Induction ceremony planned September 29, 2013 in Minneapolis

SaveDate13I’m grateful and humbled to be named a 2013 inductee to the Minnesota Broadcasting Hall of Fame–and really looking forward to the Induction Ceremony in September. There are so many people I want to thank and share the honor with. I’m also really reluctant to announce this news here. I mean, at one time, I would have been sharing with anyone who’d listen. But, on my best days now, my heart has finally been hammered by God into a shape that doesn’t want to ever seek glory for myself.

The good folks at the Pavek Museum where the Hall is located asked for photos, audio and video which reflect my work through the years. Compiling thirty-plus years of clips for a three-minute highlight reel was quite the exercise. It’s a good laugh to check the changing fashions and big hair eras (yes, my hair stayed both big and wide well into the 90’s), but I also saw a person in need of being hammered at times!

Has your career path also closely paralleled your spiritual development?

My one desire now is to shine a light on God’s love–and help those hurt by abortion to apply his healing touch to exactly where the pain resides. The chance to do this every week on Cradle My Heart Radio is an amazing privilege and joy.

I’m so grateful that I can bring the skills and experience of a lifetime of broadcasting to this task. If you know my story, you know the sweetness of God’s mercy to allow my to grow in place–redeeming my radio career even after my fatal mistake. And more–showing favor to allow me to publish a book which helping others while also raising funds for the life-saving work of the pregnancy help movement.

Receiving this honor just makes God’s love that much sweeter to savor.

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