Sexual abuse linked to multiple abortions

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Marta Greenman Sunday July 7 at 9 pET

Marta Greenman

Marta Greenman

[UPDATE: podcast posted 7-8-13]

Marta Greenman, founder of the ministry Words of Grace and Truth, experienced difficulties very young in life as a result of sexual abuse at the age of six.

The result, she says, was living the life of a “Master Pretender.”

In her teen years, Marta was a high achiever yet she was living a double life of drinking and partying. Her first abortion was at age 17.

Things only got worse. After multiple abortions she reached bottom when she was twenty-nine years old.

Yet today, Marta is a Bible teacher and ministry leader with an international outreach to help others with the healing process which has brought her to total freedom in Jesus Christ. Marta’s heart is to teach the Word to the nations and to disciple others in the healing and hope she’s found. She’s the author of Bound to Be Free which has won endorsement from Dr. Frank Minirth of the Minirth Clinic. She continues to travel internationally teaching and discipling through her writing and speaking ministries.

Join us for Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola live on Sunday July 7 at 9 pET

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