Help for depression after abortion

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Gary Lovejoy, Ph.D. with practical help for depression after an abortion 3-17-13

depression-lock-150x150[UPDATE: podcast posted 3-18-13]

Depression is the helpless hopeless belief that the darkness of our emotions is more real than the light of the redeeming love of God. It is a mood disorder also–an alarm signal of a biochemical disorder of the brain.

How do we as Christians resolve the problem of depression? Is it a spiritual failing? Just how long and how hard are we to pull on our bootstraps before we give up or give in to seeking help for the mental health component of depression?

And what can depression after abortion teach us to provide us with new hope?

Dr. Gary Lovejoy is a co-founder of Depression Outreach which teaches that feeling depressed is not the problem, it’s a signal you might have a problem.

Dr. Lovejoy views depression from a Christian perspective, assuring us that depression sets the stage for true change because God never wastes an experience, even your abortion. I hope you’ll join us and receive this powerful gift–faith that God is seeking to grow you through your pain and disappointment following abortion. Here you’ll find hope and encouragement to endure.

In his 35 years of clinical practice, Dr. Lovejoy has seen many patients who were not prepared for the emotional aftermath of abortion and who quickly spiraled down into depression. We’ll be taking your questions and offering practical steps to dispel the lies of depression and start you on a healing path out of the pain depression brings.

Listen Sunday 3-17-13 for Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola and our guest Dr. Gary Lovejoy.

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