Have you tried prayer?

Cradle My Heart Radio features 40 Days for Healing from the Wounds of Abortion

[UPDATE: podcast posted 3-13-13]

Many of us remember seeing a plaque in Granny’s house which asked the obvious yet provocative question,

“Have you tried prayer?”

Christine Morrison is one woman who can answer emphatically, “Yes!”

I first met Christine after one of the early broadcasts of Cradle My Heart Radio. She had listened and found the program so moving that she called to commit to pray with me and for the healing of many through our show. She also let me know that God had given her a vision to pray for40 days for healing after abortion.


And on Ash Wednesday her vision came into being. She launched a website and facebook page to engage in and encourage us to pray. We are now in the midst of the 40 days and Christine will join us Sunday night to share what God has been doing through the prayers offered thus far and to pray for those who call and express a need.

I know that some of us don’t feel we really even know how to pray. Christine has thought of that too. The 40 Days campaign simply asks that you would commit to pray the prayer posted above. And you can even sign up to have a daily prayer sent to your inbox. Prayer intentions have included the need to forgive, teens forced to abort, self-injury, prayers for abortion workers and much more.

What is your need? Leave a comment below and I promise we will pray.

Best of all, you can listen and call with your prayer requests and allow us the privilege to pray for you too.

Cradle My Heart Radio will be devoted to prayer on Sunday 3-10-13. Join us and share your prayer.

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