John Ensor – Overcoming abortion guilt through gospel truth

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Rev. John Ensor 2-17-13 at 9 p ET

John Ensor

John Ensor

[UPDATE 2-22-13 podcast posted]

Rev. John Ensor has a fascinating story of proclaiming the gospel of life at many levels through the years.

Answering the Call, Saving Innocent Lives One Woman at a Time is Ensor’s exhortation to his fellow pastors to speak up about the issue of abortion from the pulpit. He  tells of being a pastor of a local congregation in Boston when the truth of abortion as the shedding of innocent blood was brought home to him in a profoundly personal way. He expanded on this teaching in his volume Innocent Blood. He has also written to young adults about the heart issues which drive decisions and choices.

Ensor transitioned from that church to start a pregnancy help center in Boston before entering into leadership in the pregnancy help movement in Miami and internationally. He now serves as President of Passion Life, a global missions initiative dedicated to helping churches and mission workers disarm the powers of death with the gospel of life in countries suffering the highest rates of abortion, infanticide, and gendercide.

Ensor and John Piper recently discussed overcoming abortion guilt which may inhibit the universal call to Christian service in this video.

John Ensor’s books help advance the cause of life as it relates to choosing chastity, proclaiming the biblical truth about abortion, and helping students develop a life-centered worldview.

I had the privilege of interviewing Rev. Ensor several years ago, as well as serving on a mission team together in Perm, Russia in April 2012 working to equip pregnancy help centers and train for postabortion ministry. Our upcoming Cradle My Heart Radio live discussion will center on the sanctity of human life  and God’s mercy toward those who have abortions in their past.

Join us Sunday February 17 for Cradle My Heart Radio with Kim Ketola and Guest Rev. John Ensor at 8 p CT/9 p ET.

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