Colleen’s Story–Abortion, Parenting, Adoption

Cradle My Heart Radio covers the full range of choice–one woman’s story of abortion, parenting and adoption

[UPDATE 2-13-13 Podcast posted

Abortion has impacted millions of women of my generation—and getting the facts is made difficult by the lack of oversight and most research now being done by abortion-funded or abortion-friendly organizations. For example, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, most women who choose abortion will do so more than once or as they put it, “the majority of abortions are repeat procedures.” Pro-abortion rights publication Ms. reports an unattributed 26% repeat rate as a way to “prove” the majority of women who choose abortion are not using it as birth control. These dueling statistics by supporters of abortion-on-demand raise the question–if there’s nothing wrong with it, why does it matter how many times a woman chooses abortion?

But regardless of the scope of the problem, the numbers never tell the full story.

Colleen Tronson

Colleen Tronson

Coming up this Sunday night February 10, we’ll meet Colleen Tronson a woman who not only has had multiple abortions but she also chose to give birth and parent, as well as later giving birth and releasing a child for adoption. Her unique perspective helps us understand every need of the heart when it comes to unintended pregnancy. And her story helps illustrate the redemption and hope she has found as God has led her to help other women and couples choose life through her work at a local pregnancy help center.

Colleen’s story was recently featured on television news when she attended a local march for life event in Minnesota carrying a sign expressing regret over abortion. The comments posted on the tv station’s website demonstrate a range of attitudes from contempt to admiration toward a woman who has aborted–and even one who repents that decision and works to prevent others from making the same fatal mistake.

How will you react?

I hope you’ll find healing if you have had one abortion or many. I hope you’ll hear God’s love and mercy to forgive and to redeem.

Cradle My Heart Radio tackles the tough topic of multiple abortions  and true choice

Sunday February 10–check listings or link to listen online. Join us and be heard.

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