Was it a baby?

bigstock_Question_Mark_Cards_577829-150x150Recently many people have been asking me about the reality of life before birth.

If you have had an abortion, this may be a difficult post to read–or rather, to see. I still remember the first time I saw images of life before birth. More than two decades after my abortion, I was shattered and utterly grief-stricken to know that the choice for abortion stilled a beating heart. But seeing the truth was also an important step in God’s plan of healing my heart. And so, at the risk of increasing your pain if you have had an abortion, I want to present these images to help answer the question many of us struggle with after abortion, namely, “Was it a baby?” I devoted a chapter of my book Cradle My Heart to this question from a biblical and theological point of view.

But it’s an amazing question because the answer is quite clear from a scientific point of view. Despite the outright lies of the abortion industry (“It’s just tissue”) and the moral murkiness of our national policy (“We just don’t know when human life begins”) as the video below illustrates, the humanity of unborn children is evident within days of conception.

The video is from TED and an article from the Huffington Post by Alexander Tsiaras, who worked as an associate professor of Medicine at Yale University, narrating his findings on fetal development, including a beating heart at 6 weeks, and fingers at 7 weeks. Stunningly, he ascribes a human will to the cells from the time of conception as he discerns the 2-day-old embryo  at implantation saying, “I’m here to stay.” He goes one step further equating the 9-week-old fetus to “a tiny human being.”

His conclusion? The complexity of the growing child within a mother’s womb is beyond our comprehension.

“It’s a mystery, it’s magic–it’s divinity.”

But it’s all human–the only difference is the stages of development from conception to birth. (Tsiaras’ work is encompassed in the ibook from TheVisualMD, Conception to Birth, The Visual Guide ot Your Pregnancy.)

It’s hard to hear this truth when it’s too late to take back the decision for abortion. Believe me, I know.

But facing the painful reality of abortion as destruction of a human child is an important step to healing.

If you have not yet done so, you can pray right now that God will help you face the truth concerning your accountability in the abortion decision. You may not yet be ready to watch the video, and that’s okay. But you can still humbly ask the Lord to change you and make you the person that he wants you to be as you submit your heart to his loving care.

As John Newton, the former slaveholder and writer of the hymn Amazing Grace once said, “By the grace of God I am what I am, and I’m not who I used to be.”

Let it be said of us too, Lord, by your mercy and grace.

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