Cradle My Heart featured on is running a series of articles on reproductive child loss and my article was featured today.

I’m excited for a spotlight on this aspect of postabortion healing because I am dedicated to helping people understand that even though abortion is elective child loss, it is a loss all the same. Grief may follow the loss whether or not guilt attends the choice. It’s interesting to me that research shows postpartum depression after miscarriage could have a biological basis due to hormonal changes. If that is so, abortion could also account for lingering sadness three years or more after the fact–and having a healthy baby later does not necessarily lead to a lifting of the low mood.

No one shared this information with me as I made the choice for abortion. And the American Psychological Association continues to  claim that abortion has no impact on a woman’s emotional and mental health, though there is some evidence that their position is politically motivated. Yet my sadness was at times overwhelming. I’ve heard the same story from hundreds of women (and men) who suffered depression and associated problems after abortion.

The good news is that there is hope and healing available for the disenfranchised grief we feel.

I hope you will reach out to those ready and willing to help today.

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