Abortion-addiction link

Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Jack Smart Sunday January 6 at 9 pm ET. Listen live and call 1-800-811-3003

Jack Smart

Jack Smart

[UPDATE 1-7-13 Podcast added including additional guests Revs. Brian and Denise Walker of Everlasting Light Ministries.]

Several years after I was redeemed and healed of the abortion in my past I agreed to bring a post-abortion Bible study to the women in recovery at a local Teen Challenge. The organization is outstanding at ministering to the most severely and chronically addicted–many of whom have also had abortions–and helping them find restoration and new life. I will never forget the women I met there. Their courage to face extremely painful life circumstances was truly inspiring. I shared the joy of watching hope dawn on their faces and in their hearts as they came to believe that all was not lost with their abortions.

So I’m really pleased as Cradle My Heart Radio welcomes Jack Smart, President of Teen Challenge International USA. While not an expert on abortion, he does know what it takes to help people recover from a fatal mistake as he ministers at the intersection of drugs and crime and brokenness of all kinds. I have seen firsthand how abortion can cause a downward spiral into drugs and alcohol and research confirms the link between abortion and drug use and abuse. Join us as we talk about what it takes to live free in Jesus Christ.

From his bio:

Jack Smart began serving in Teen Challenge in 1979, first as a staff member, then as assistant director at Teen Challenge International of Mid-America in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Before accepting the national leadership position, he served as executive director of Teen Challenge International of Mid-America and Teen Challenge of Missouri Boarding Academy.

“Jack brings decades of quality experience to the Teen Challenge leadership post,” says Zollie Smith, executive director of U.S. AG Missions. “His expertise and compassion for those struggling with life-controlling issues combined with his desire to serve those he leads, offers an even brighter future for Teen Challenge.”

“The Lord has given me a passage of Scripture to use as my guide,” Smart stated in a recent online post. “That passage is John 13:3-17, where John describes how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples at the Last Supper. My goal in this position, and my goal for the national office, is for us to serve. . . . we are here to serve: the executive directors and program directors who lead our centers . . . the staff members who serve in our centers . . . and the students we minister to.”

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