Abortion Epidemic in Church? The Harvest Show interview

The Harvest Show featured Cradle My Heart recently, centering the discussion on the problem of abortion in the church.

Kim Ketola on The Harvest Show

One of every three American women has had an abortion by the time we reach our forties, and most (78%) report Christian faith.

Christian women choose abortion every day. Does this make the church teachings irrelevant? How should we regard those who chose it? What impact does abortion have on the spiritual lives of men and women of faith? How can faith help us heal?

I shared insights from Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion during this interview with Stefan Radelich and Drew Sumrall on the Harvest Show which aired November 7, 2012. Love to hear your reaction. Is your church reaching out to those who need healing? Are you surprised by the impact of abortion on the church? What is the answer?

If you are hurting after abortion browse the podcasts and other resources here, and be sure to check links to free and confidential help.

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