Janet Mefferd Show – Hope after Abortion

istockphoto @ Aliaksei Shulha

What a blessing to share the story of God’s love after abortion as a guest on the Janet Mefferd Show this week.

Just a few years ago I wondered if there would be any audience as I started out to write my book Cradle My Heart, Finding God’s Love After Abortion in order to proclaim the truth about abortion. I was determined to declare the detrimental impact abortion always brings–especially to those whose hearts are so hardened they say they haven’t been hurt at all. But even more than that, Christ’s love compels me to share the hope of eternal life for our children and for all who will believe the scandalous grace and mercy of God to pardon and redeem. I know that I live for him and it’s my joy to witness his almighty power to make us new.

But still I wondered who would listen?

Abortion is such a difficult topic. Children die. Women and men bear the spiritual scars. The debate rages. Where is the hope?

Please do listen to this interview! In a short half-hour you will find a clear direction for anyone needing help–yes, even in the church–because we have been hurt by abortion.

Many thanks to Janet Mefferd for such a tender and sensitive interview.

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