The Beauty of Imperfection

There are no words for some of the deep emotions evoked by remembering our lost children after abortion. It seems our hearts are pierced and lifeless around the edges.

Our worth as women is not defined by our childbearing–I know too many fruitful single women who fulfill God’s command to multiply Him in our world to ever believe that motherhood alone is what makes you a woman. But abortion often leaves us feeling damaged and devalued as women.

The thing that sets us apart as women from all other living creatures is the ability to bear human children. It’s as if an essential element of our individual identity dies off with every abortion. And the acceptance of abortion strips all women of the dignity of our unique role in producing human life.

It took a long time for the truth of this to settle in on me after abortion, and even longer to be able to articulate those feelings. It was a source of hopelessness. I didn’t believe there would ever be relief from the irrevocable reality of being a mother without her young.

But we are not marred forever.

Take heart in the promise of an end to the season of sadness even if your season has stretched beyond your ability to measure it in time. As the last leaves leave this fall, ponder the beauty of God’s mercy. By his healing grace, life itself holds the key to healing the loss of all life. Even the loss of our children by human hands. Our days of mourning are not without number in the mind of our loving and forgiving Savior, Jesus Christ Our Lord.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8)

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