Healing after abortion in the privacy of an e-book

"Cradle My Heart Kindle edition"(UPDATE to an earlier post)

Great news! Cradle My Heart is available as an ebook. And this week only (thru 9/28) Amazon is offering the Kindle edition for only $5.

I am so excited about this because I know walking into a store and browsing books in a particular section can be a shame-filled and emotionally risky exercise. Yet books can be our best friends to help us heal and recover from difficulties we just can’t seem bring ourselves to discuss. I wrestled with even including the word “abortion” in the title of this book for that reason.

Having the ability to purchase and read a book on your e-reader is a huge relief when the topic is so deeply personal.

Your privacy is important to me. So I hope that you’ll take advantage of this if you have just not been able to bring yourself to a point of reaching out for help. I know, I was in the same place for many, many years after my abortion.

I had no concept of God’s love for me in the beginning. But even after Jesus was unveiled to me I stayed trapped in the past while I should have enjoyed freedom in my faith. I remember reading a notice in the church bulletin every week that there was a local support group to help those hurt by abortion (Conquerors — an excellent resource from New Life Family Services in Minnesota). I knew I needed the help, but that would mean actually making a phone call and having a conversation about the darkest chapter of my life and events I hoped my children and family would never need to know.

There did come a day when God gave me the courage to make that call, and by then it was actually more of a gift I decided to receive rather than a risk of exposing my sin and shortcomings or having to swallow some bitter medicine. That’s what I hope you will see in Cradle My Heart–a gift, a love letter from my heart to yours as one who knows how much it hurts, but also as one who is now healed, and joyful and free.

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