Bringing abortion sorrow to an end

“Do you want to get well?”
This question from Jesus is so riveting and counter-intuitive that his words inspired me to write Cradle My Heart. Janet Ruth is also captivated by his proposition to us. She posted this 5-star review:
Do you ever wish you could turn back the clock and make different choices? Unfortunately, that is not an option for women who have had an abortion. Feelings of deep guilt and sorrow linger on and just don’t go away.
If you know someone who needs to find healing and closure after an abortion, Cradle My Heart is the best resource dealing with post-abortion I have ever found. Early in the book there is a quote that really impacted me. On page 25, it says “Do you want it?” It is so incredibly simple yet profound. If we want to get well emotionally and spiritually, this book has the answers.
Kim Ketola has been there, and she shares her story with tenderness and honesty. At one point, she describes a beautiful painting called Be Not Afraid by Greg Olsen, which depicts Jesus standing on a rock in a shallow canyon of rushing waters. He holds an infant high on his left shoulder as his strong right hand powerfully pulls a young girl from the rushing waters beneath his feet.
These are her words, “Not only are we forgiven, but we are given this exceedingly great and precious gift–a child, our child held safe for us within his strong embrace.” This is a beautiful image that anyone who has lost a child will treasure.
Cradle My Heart is filled with courage and hope, and the truth in this book will set you free … if you want it to.
I appreciate Janet’s review because it really does reflect my heart for you when you hurt.
Don’t wait any longer. Say yes to your healing today.

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