CBA Review – Cradle My Heart a Must Read

The Christian Booksellers Association featured Cradle My Heart in the August issue of Retailers + Resources magazine. And reviewer Ruth O’Neil said the book is “a must-read.”

For the one who’s had an abortion, this book can help them realize that God still loves them and that there’s no sin that’s unforgivable. God’s waiting with open arms. This book is a must read for those who have struggled by the loss of abortion. While the Bible doesn’t specifically speak of abortion, Ketola modernizes biblical stories of hope, healing, and forgiveness in Christ.

I’m also grateful that my article “Listening to Abortion” appears in the same issue. It tells the story of a time when I disclosed my abortion in my Bible study group at church and heard from several other women who had been suffering in isolation and pain after abortion. I hope this review and article will open our eyes to the need for help and care–the mission field–that exists within the church.

The digital version of the magazine is not yet posted online, but pdf pages are linked here: CBA Review 1 and CBA Review 2, and the article here: Listening to Abortion 1 and Listening to Abortion 2.

In the meantime, if you don’t find the book in your local store–ask for a copy–or simply order online. Yes, Amazon has it for Kindle too!

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