Winning the true abortion battle


How can I come back to God and the church after abortion? The young woman who asked this question was beset with fear and doubt, and so burdened by guilt she could barely bring herself to ask the question. This is the battleground for the true abortion battle: the spiritual war on women being waged around us every day.

Abortion is all about fear. We choose abortion because we fear the future, we fear for our relationships, we may even fear facing our own hearts. This young woman’s choice hadn’t ease any of those fears–it just created new fears which were deeper than the original.

But God says, “Fear not.” In other words, “Be brave.” Even after abortion, God’s Word comes to us to encourage–to put courage into us–that we are still his and he will still fight for us. As I read Isaiah 41 in light of the battle for our hearts that we lost when we chose abortion, I hear God say:

I have made you mine, I choose you and I consider you as my own child, I would go to the ends of the earth for you and call you no matter how far you wander away. I will constantly reassure you of all this and the fact that I will not reject you after all that I’ve done for you to bring you to myself. I will help you be brave by staying close to you. So don’t go on predicting failure, I’m in control. I’m here to build you up. I will help you. I’ve got you in the palm of my hand!

The battle that was so horrible for you is already over–and those who opposed and oppressed you are long gone. They are the ones rejected and disgraced. They’re nothing. They’re as good as dead. Look around and notice how they’re nowhere to be found. If someone tries that again with you–they will face the same fate. They’ll become a non-existent thing because I’m here holding you and making you brave with my promise to help you fight. So be brave, my little worm–I will help you. I’m in control. I will win. And I am always right.

This is my paraphrase of Isaiah’s message from Yahweh to Israel, whom he affectionately calls his “worm.” We today who acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord have been grafted in to God’s promises for Israel (see Romans 11). These promises apply to you as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I hope you’ll open up your Bible and read it for yourself. God may show you even more riches for your struggle to be brave today, even if you feel as weak and worthless as a worm.

Take heart, no matter who you are: God may hate abortion, but he loves you. He knows the whole story–parts of it you cannot even know like the true motives of those who helped or didn’t help you make that choice. His mercy knows no bounds. He will not reject you. He is safe. Find just enough courage to turn to him today. And he will carry you the rest of the way.

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