Help after abortion now available with Cradle My Heart

I am so happy to have debuted Cradle My Heart at the 2012 International Christian Retail Show!

Kregel Publications (Marketing Director Cat Hoort pictured l.) hosted a book signing which gave me a chance to gauge reaction to having this topic raised by the cover and title of the book. Most of the 100-or so people who stopped by expressed appreciation for me having written about the aftermath of abortion from a spiritual perspective. A few shared a story about someone they wanted to give the book to–a friend or sister in need. Others mentioned their support of pregnancy resource centers and other outreach efforts to help women and families impacted by unexpected pregnancy. Most were encouraging and that was a relief.

Writing about this topic was an exercise in faith on so many levels. I wondered how anyone would overcome the shyness or shame of reaching out for a book about a personal and painful subject. I wrestled with how to speak the truth in love. I weighed how much of my story to include–and decided just enough to illustrate how far God had to go to bring me back from the spiritual depths that held me trapped by the deception and difficulties surrounding the abortion in my past.

Now the challenge is to get the word out. Please let others know there is a resource providing hope and healing. Come and see me at my upcoming events. Visit my facebook Page and click Like so you can get updates to news and encouragement to share with friends and loved ones you know who have been hurt by abortion.

Thank you for reading and sharing this website with others.

You’re helping God’s love be shed abroad in the hearts of those who need to know.

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