Every abortion a failure of some kind

One of the hardest things about life after abortion is facing the reality of failure. Every abortion represents a failure of some kind. Often we find our relationships have failed–partners or parents press the choice. We may have to come to terms with the failure of the precautions we thought would protect us from ever having to face this choice. Like me, maybe your faith failed you. My faith was so fragile and weak that I had no solid foundation to carry me through the loss of support from those closest to me.

The answer to facing the many failures of abortion is to get back up and face life again.


Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us direction as to how to succeed in our relationships today–forgive and operate in truth and grace. Likewise, as we trust in him we are protected from taking a wrong path which can only end in painful and wrong choices. And we can rest in that faith even while God helps us build a healthier future in light of the past.

With God, one failure–even a spectacular failure such as abortion–is never the end of the story.

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