Support after abortion

Rhodes fortification by Hannes Grobe, creative commons

Sometimes God calls to mind a hymn or a phrase or a fragment of a thought that is just what is needed–his moments of inspiration, I suppose.

This morning it was the word “bulwark” from the hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God. I’ve been praying with someone who has an abortion in her past who is dealing with a major life crisis right now. I’m utterly inadequate to the task of offering advice and so the idea of fleeing to Jesus to fortify her (and me as her support) is hugely appealing to me. The complexities of her situation are too much for either of us. But Jesus serves as a buffer from any ultimate harm that would come to her since he has promised to be her defender as she is weighed, just as we all be weighed in God’s mind, for what she did. Nothing can penetrate the height and depth and width of his love for her, for you and for me.

The hymn took on a special meaning for me when it was sung at a memorial for the unborn last January.

I wish that I had a recording or even the name of the amazingly accomplished vocalist who sang 5 or 6 verses with a key change into a higher register with each verse. It was deeply stirring and stilling at the same time.

If you need to be stirred and stilled today, enjoy.




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