How to Pray part 1

One of my biggest problems after abortion is that I had no idea how to pray. I didn’t have a working relationship with God for starters. But I also needed to learn how to speak his language.

Prayer is essential to having a real and vibrant faith. God cares and he wants to hear from you. One word that often gets lost in translation as we are learning his language is the question WHY.

In times of trouble, your prayers may feel empty and filled with frustration. It takes time to learn that God is under no obligation to us to answer that question. It’s not that he wants us confused and ignorant. He wants us to ask a better question. There is good teaching in this video as Bill Johnson discusses what to do if you’re weary of waiting for breakthrough. He poses the idea that we are not to hold God hostage with our prayers and requests because, “Everything hinges on the goodness of God.”

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